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Entwicklung und Herstellung hocheffektiver und hochwertiger Hautpflegeprodukte


Bio-Lyne is committed to develop advanced scientific skincare products, providing targeted skin-solutions to our customers. In order to ensure maximum integrity, we have developed products that are based on clinically proven ingredients and avoided harmful substances such as silicones, parabens, gluten, paraffin, perfume and alcohol. A combination of dynamic, plant-derived extracts, which have been used for centuries, as well as cutting-edge technologies build the fundament for our Bio-Lyne products.

Wir glauben an die Kraft von Qualität

We believe in the power of quality and put constant effort in every aspect of our brand, to reflect these fundamental believes. This is the reason why our products are developed and manufactured in our family-owned laboratory in Germany. After they have been produced and bottled, they are only distributed to hand-chosen retail partners that value customer satisfaction as much as we do. Our work underlies strict rules and regulations as well as regular inspections done by independent institutes. Simultaneously, we always mind the environment and try to make our business endeavors as sustainable as possible. Therefore, we only use vegan ingredients that have been won in an environmental-friendly way and which were never been tested on animals.