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Skin Gel

For a quickly visible anti-aging effect without injections - with the help of natural and powerful ingredients.

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Skin Gel
Eye Gel

Eye Gel

Highly effective plant extracts instantly reduce dark shadows and puffiness for a refreshed and smooth eye area.

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About the brand

Bio-Lyne has been created by a group of renowned German experts who have used their specialist knowledge and immense experience in order to create our ground-breaking products Skin Gel and Eye Gel.

Our shared vision was the development of highly effective, clinically proven products that minimize fine lines and wrinkles and help to reduce swellings and dark shadows, ultimately providing an uncomplicated but powerful alternative to injections. It was important to us that the products could be easily incorporated in every routine, while boosting any anti-aging effect as well as providing the skin with valuable ingredients and active substances.

This way, we are able to offer you products with an immediate and long-lasting effect, at a fair price point and without the need to buy a whole series of products to see results.

Die Marke
Erfolgsrezept der Produkte

The core of Bio-Lyne

At the heart of our products lays our nutrient rich hero ingredient Paracress which effects can be instantly seen in the form of visibly reduced lines and wrinkles. Paracress helps to sooth and gently tighten the skin, while simultaneously taking care of sensitive areas, such as beneath the eyes or over the lips.

The extraordinary effects of the Paracress are furthermore supported by results-driven ingredients such as Imperata Cylindrica, extracts of the Baobab Fruit and Hyaluronic Acid as well as concentrated complexes of natural Silicon, Ash Tree Bark Extract and Vitamin B. These dynamic, plant-derived substances strengthen the cells, protect and revitalize them. Additionally, due to their immense impact on the skin, they further accelerate and reinforce the skin transforming benefits.

Clean Tech

Bio-Lyne employs a dedicated research and development division in order to push the boundaries of skincare and deliver products that are innovative and effective. To live up to our promises, we also conducted a scientific study to prove the incredible effects of our products. The following is a short overview about our exceptional results:

  • We could prove an immediate wrinkle reduction of up to 18% after only 15 minutes.
  • When used twice daily, over a period of 28 days, 90% of our participants could achieve a reduction of wrinkle depth of up to 27%.
  • 90% of our participants experienced a more rejuvenated, refreshed and glowing effect on their skin.


Used Skin Gel twice a day on cleansed skin. Very pleasant texture, not sticky, no fragrance. It feels like the moisture is saved in the skin because it looks plumped-up and refreshed.

Daniela G., 65 years

Eye Gel played an immense part in reducing the dark shadows and fine wrinkles beneath my eyes. I am amazed!

Andrea N., 56 years